Since its creation KNBJ has supported 386 projects with a total amount of nearly 170 269 €.
Projects must meet several criteria.
The most important are voluntary character of a project and its public benefit for the whole community. Financial matching on the part of grant seekers is mandatory.

Supported projects are monitored on a regular basis by the KNBJ staff or the Board of Directors- either on-site at supported events or meetings, or via meetings and consultations with project coordinators. After the projects have been completed, the grantees are required to submit final project reports along with their financial reports.

KNBJ Grant programs:
1. Clean Bardejov

2. Children and Youth
3. Let´s cheer up Tawn´s hall sqare
4. Quick grants
5. Donors´ club

1. Clean Bardejov - Purpose of the Program is to support civic activities directed at improvements of living environment in housing areas, public areas as well as areas adjacent to office buildings. The maximum grant is 500 €. The financial matching principle requests a grant seeker to provide 10% of direct financial costs and 20% in – kind costs of the project’s budget.

2.  Children and Youth - The Program focuses on active and creative leisure time activities of children and youth. The Foundation supports club activities and interests‘ circles, especially in the field of direct work with these age groups. The purpose is to foster creativity, tolerance and education towards democratic values. The maximum grant is 332 € and co – financing of a grant seeker is 25 % of the project‘s budget.

3. Let’s Cheer up Radničné námestie – Town Hall Square - The program was designed based on results of a local public questionnaire and the Strategic Plan of Economic and Social Development, Bardejov. It provides financial support for organization of all different events in the town center. A maximum grant is 332 €. Financial matching on the part of a grant seeker is 25 % of the project budget.

4. Quick Grants - Purpose of the Program is to support civic cultural and social events which, due to their character, call for flexible financial sources or quick financial support. A maximum grant is 332 €. One organization may receive only one Quick Grant in a two – year period. Financial matching of a grant seeker is no less than 50 % of the project‘s budget. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis; however, no later than two weeks before their implementation.

5. Donors´ Club -  The Program was at the start initiated by Konto Orange in cooperation with AKNS- the Association of Slovak Community Foundations. The Foundation became a member of AKNS in 2004. In 2012, Konto Orange was replaced with a new significant partner in the Donors Club – Bioenergy Bardejov and another donor – the Bardejov City Hall.

How does the Donors’ Club work?

Donors make contributions to a special fund held with the Foundation. Every donor makes the decision on the amount of the donation him- or herself. However, if a donor donates 33 EUR or more, he or she can take a part in the decision-making on submitted projects. At the end of the campaign, the donors assemble at a meeting and grant seekers themselves present their project intents. The donors vote on which of them will receive support from the Fund, and in what size.
90% of the raised funds is used to fund projects, 10% of the amount is used to cover management costs of the Donors Club.