Clean Bardejov – own program

CLEAN BARDEJOV  ČB-Logo2is program where Bardejov Community Foundation cooperates with The City of Bardejov. This initiative is a part of the currently implemented Strategic Plan of Social and Economic Development of the city. Its purpose is to mobilize the citizens of Bardejov to take a more active role in caring for their living environment and improving all living areas in the town.

The Clean Bardejov Program is carried out in two levels:

The first level is based on motivation: it builds upon public recognition- moral, financial and material- of three families, associations of home-owners and organizations who will best improve the surroundings of their family houses, apartment buildings, or organizations’ residences (businesses, schools etc.). Annually, the winners receive their prizes from the Mayor and the Foundation’s representatives.

The second level is of restriction character, and strives to search for so-called „uglies“ in the town. Areas and buildings which unattractive appearances interfere with aesthetic impression of that particular part of the town, are in a form of photographs and accompanying descriptions placed at the Foundation’s website. Owners or managers of these „uglies“ are notified in writing to remove these imperfections.

Therefore, the Foundation invites, on an ongoing basis, all citizens of Bardejov who care about high-quality and aesthetical environment in their home town to take photographs of areas and buildings which disgrace the attractiveness of the city and its living conditions, and send the pictures by post or e-mail to the Foundation’s offices. The winning „ugly“ is selected from among nominated candidates by high school students. In fall each year, at a gala award event, the winner is awarded the City Thistle Prize.  PhotoGallery of the City Thistle winners – here.
Also you can see a short film about it: